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Abbreviations in Addresses:
Place-Names: Do not abbreviate Fort, Mount, Place, Point and Port in proper names (Fort Lauderdale, Mount McKinley). Do abbreviate Saint (St. Louis, St. Patrick's Cathedral). In French place-names, use period and hyphen (St.-Tropez, Ste.-Odile, St.-Germain-des-Prés). Plural in French is SS without period. For Italian proper names, spell out Santa or Santo.
Numbered Street Names: Generally spell out numbers one through nine; use figures for 10 and above. Use figures for building numbers.
Building numbers: Use a capital letter in compound designations: 8A Fleet Street.
Directional information Abbreviate compass directions using points (S.W. 15th Street) except for Washington D.C., where compass points following street name take neither comma nor points (15th Street NE).
Thoroughfares: Spell out Route, Street, Road, Avenue, Avenida, Drive, Boulevard, Parkway, Highway, Freeway, Expressway, Lane, Place, Circle, Square, Court, Terrace.
States: Use full names for U.S. states (Oregon, New York, Michigan). The exception is D.C., which should be rendered with periods.
Foreign addresses: Follow American conventions for order in which street and building numbers are given (7 Brügerstrasse) and for capping and lowercasing (Rue de Montmartre). No comma is used following building number (7 Rue des Reves).
Directional info in French street addresses: Anglicize Est and Ouest to East and West.
French street names: Hyphenate French street names: Rue Jean-Christophe.
Postal code: In British addresses, it follows the city name (136A Lancaster Road, W11). In Canadian addresses, it follows the province name.
Metric distance in service addresses: Abbreviate and lowercase with no terminal points (km)."
MM: spell out "mile marker"

Definite article: Omit the for hotel and restaurant names unless the name consists of only one word: Hyatt Regency Samoa but The Clarence. Include the for hotel restaurants: The Restaurant at the Setai.

Phone numbers: For domestic numbers, format as follows: 212/555-1212. For foreign numbers, give country code (followed by hyphen), then city code (followed by a slash), then local number, according to this scheme: 4 or 5 digits=solid; 6 digits=3+3 (except for French, 2+2+2); 7 digits=3+4; 8 digits=4+4.

URLs: Use "" format unless Web site will not load with the "www"

Food Terms
Italicize foreign names of food using the em-tag if they are italicized in the referenced article.

Some commonly misspelled hotel names
Caesars Palace
Chateau Marmont
Forte Hotels
Hôtel Ritz
J W Marriott
Hotel Millenium (in NYC. Really.)
Raffles Hotel

A note about Geocoding: Note that when addresses aren't found using or, Google Earth usually works.