September 20–September 27, 2002

Airport Employees Accused of Falsifying Job Applications
Federal agents have arrested 100 employees at Denver International Airport who allegedly used false information to obtain jobs in high-security areas. Among those questioned are a pilot, food service workers, and security personnel. (CNN/AP)

FAA Orders Airlines to Inspect Controls on New Boeing 737's
The FAA has issued an emergency order for all airlines to inspect any Boeing 737's produced after May 21 for defective flight-control equipment. The airlines have 10 days to complete the inspections of the 93 airplanes produced during the specified time. (Yahoo/AP)

Cash-Strapped Railway to Test Internet Access
Starting next month, passengers on Amtrak's Keystone line, which runs between Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and New York, can watch TV and surf the Internet via a high-speed wireless network. The network incorporates Global Positioning System technology, which will allow advertising to be targeted based on location. (MSNBC)

Cabs Go High-Tech
New York City taxi passengers will soon have access to the news, weather, restaurant listings, and movie information. Six companies participating in the pilot program will fit 50 medallion cabs with 12-inch touch-screen monitors. (NY Post)

Athens to Use Cruise Ships as Hotels for Olympics
Desperately searching for more hotel rooms, the organizers of the Athens 2004 Olympics announced that they will dock seven cruise ships in the port of Piraeus during the Summer Games. The ships will have 6,640 staterooms that can accommodate up to 13,280 visitors. (Yahoo/Reuters)

Virgin Tables Become Casualty of Mile-High Club
Virgin Atlantic Airways will dispense with the plastic changing tables in special "mother and baby" bathrooms of its new Airbus planes after passengers broke several of them in bouts of lovemaking. A Virgin spokesperson said, "We don't mind couples having a good time, but this is not something that we would encourage because of air regulations." (Yahoo/Reuters)

Resort Island Proposes Budget Airline
South Korea's Jeju Island has decided to launch its own budget airline, in response to the fare hikes initiated by both of the country's major carriers. Officials at the Jeju Province Administration claim that 95 percent of the island's residents rely on airplanes to visit the mainland. The plan needs to be approved by South Korea's transportation ministry. (CNN/AP)

Shoe Designer's Oeuvre to Be Celebrated at London Museum
Starting in February, the work of Manolo Blahnik—the footwear designer known for his towering stilettos and whose shoes, according to Madonna, "are as good as sex, but they last longer"—will be featured in a new exhibition at London's Design Museum. The exhibits will include prototypes, sketches, and memorabilia from Blahnik's private archive. (Yahoo/Reuters)

News summaries compiled by Hillary Geronemus, Jaime Gross, and Robert Maniaci.