By Jeryl Brunner
August 14, 2014

Lena Hall, Tony Award–winning performer in Hedwig and the Angry Inch and lead singer of the Deafening, reveals her travel essentials—and her favorite destinations.

Packing harmony

When I travel with my band, I use this vintage suitcase to carry props for the show. I bought it at a thrift shop and painted on our logo. When I’m really tired after playing, it makes a great seat.

Insider’s France

I booked a spontaneous, two-week trip to Paris last October, when the air was cool and crisp. My parents were both professional ballet dancers, so I attended a performance by students of the Ballet School at the Paris Opera, where Janine Guiton, one of my father’s former partners, used to teach. As I watched, I kept imagining myself on that stage.

Next trip

We get asked to play in the U.K. all the time—I hope to make it a reality!