Worn by both soldiers and socialites, the Burberry classic still makes fashion’s top ranks.
Nigel Cox Burberry's latest twist on the trench coat
| Credit: Nigel Cox

In the early 1900’s, Burberry made coats for British troops, fastening on epaulets and D rings for weaponry, and a star was born. First, the trench went mini, then street-sweeping long. Trim and snug, then wide and billowy. It was cotton. No, silk. And it was always khaki. Or was that black?Unless it was pink, plaid, or as sheer as Saran Wrap. But even as times change, an icon endures. Whether sported by Bogart, cinched around the narrow waist of the ever-chic Deneuve in Belle de Jour, or whipping through crowds on Madison Avenue, Rue St.-Honoré, or Bond Street, the trench—dress it up, dress it down—remains an anchor of style.