Munich's favorite bar is back. Since 1982, Schumann's Bar, the dimly lit hangout on Maximillianstrasse run by former boxer-model Charles Schumann, was the place where celebrities didn't have to be stars. In mid-October 2003, the old Schumann's closed; two weeks later, Germany's most eminent bartender again welcomed the city's glitterati, this time to a new and improved watering hole of the same name on the grand Odeonsplatz. An erstwhile café had been reborn by combining Mies van der Rohe-style simplicity and luxury: now the floors are covered with Bavarian limestone, the walls with shiny faux marble and American nutwood, the seats with Swedish calfskin dyed red. Schumann's signature gimlet, made with fresh lemon juice, is still on the menu ($9.50), as are other classics from his best-selling mixology book, American Bar. Schumann's Bar, 6-7 Odeonsplatz, Munich; 49-89/229-060;
—Michael Hannwacker