Saint Germain just got a little sweeter—joining La Patisserie des Rêves, Pierre Hermé, Pierre Marcolini, Ladurée and la Maison du Chocolat in the immediate vicinity of Le Bon Marché is Hugo & Victor, a new concept launched by two childhood friends, pastry chef Hugues Pouget (formerly of Guy Savoy and Ladurée) and Sylvain Blanc (formerly of Le Printemps).

The idea: Treat sweets a little bit like fashion, with capsule collections based on seasonal ingredients. The architecture by Francis Krempp is a mix of classical and modern (windows set in the wall, like at L’Eclaireur); the “Hugo” line is a series of contemporary pastries, the Victor line is made up of classics.

The boutique is design-conscious without being pretentious, portions are generous and prices are fair (about 5.50 for an individual pastry). Chocolates are cutely packaged in moleskin-inspired boxes. The twist: They work with a rare and fine wine dealer whose selections are paired with pastries throughout the boutique. They have also just opened a boulangerie corner for croissants, pains au chocolat and baguettes. 40 blvd Raspail, 7th.

Tina Isaac is Travel + Leisure's Paris stringer.

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