Once the secret wilderness escape of in-the-know Scandinavians, Grythyttan—about three hours outside Stockholm—has become a destination with true world-class appeal.

Pia Ulin A room at Loka Brunn's Parkvillan House.
| Credit: Pia Ulin


The 367-year-old Grythyttan Inn (2 Prästgatan; 46591/63300; grythyttan.com; doubles from $170, including breakfast; dinner for two $177) is hands down the area’s most charming hotel and a pilgrimage site for gourmands from Stockholm. Sunlit rooms are tastefully—and eclectically— decorated with period antiques, modern textiles, and quaint floral wallpapers. At Loka Brunn (46591/63100; lokabrunn.com; doubles from $139, including breakfast), accommodations are spread over 15 buildings that range in style from farmhousechic to Gustavian extra vagance, but the 84acre estate’s real lure are its spa and mineral springs that date back to 1720.


The restaurant at Grythyttan Inn serves Swedish standards such as roasted deer tenderloin with a porcinifilled potato roll and blacktruffle gravy. Most of the menu (including the smallbatch Bredsjö Blå sheep’smilk cheese) is locally sourced. Nearby, the Nordic House of Culinary Art—set within a futuristic lakeside barn—houses a library, a cookbook museum, and the restaurant Kantinen Hyttblecket (2 Sörälgsvägen; 46591/34060; lunch for two $22). The latter’s black armchairs and striking sheetsteel floor coax passersby inside for a lunch of roasted reindeer and potato salad.


In the neighboring town of Hällefors, the new Formens Hus design museum (7 Sikforsvägen; 46591/64360) displays iconic furniture, including Finnish architect Alvar Aalto’s bentwood chairs, and contains recreations of two MidcenturyModern Swedish apartments. Save time for a tour of the Grythyttan Vin winery (Grythyttan Livsmedelsby; 46591/19111;grythyttanvin.se; tours $9 per person). The winery’s cloudberry wine is served at Stockholm’s top restaurants—and its mildflavored berry vinegars, aged in Swedish oak barrels, are sold at Ikeas worldwide. ✚


Take the two hour train ride from Stockholm (sj.se; $74) to Örebro. From there, book a taxi for the scenic 50mile drive to Grythyttan (taxiorebro.se; $170).