One side effect of having a partner who is training for the New York City Marathon (Go, Bob, go!) is that it has upped my own mileage as well. I tell myself, if he is out on an 18-miler, I can certainly pound out eight. This increase in my own distance has had another unexpected and pleasant side effect: On my last trip to London, wanting to keep up my running schedule, I found myself out running around in new areas of the city I’d never seen—I was sightseeing by accident.

Stride-by-stride is such an enjoyable way to take in a new city. I suddenly wanted to run everywhere! Wouldn’t it be great to run over the Golden Gate Bridge, or through tulip fields, or by the Pyramids? During sunset on the Côte d’Azur, in cherry-blossom season in Japan, along the coast in Perth?

Luckily I am not the first person to have this thought, and options exist for those who like to explore mile-by-mile or kilometer-by-kilometer. There are companies that lead running tours, such as: Amazing Running Tours or those you’ll find on the aggregator site Global Running Tours or through Facebook.

And then there’s the crowd-sourced routes you’ll find on Map My Run or Nike Plus or Runkeeper. If you know more or better options, please comment below. I would love your input.

So I am off! Now the only question is how am I going to fit my Asics in my carry-on?

Laura Teusink is the managing editor at Travel + Leisure.