By Rich Beattie
September 04, 2012

A few years ago, we did a story in the magazine about becoming a housekeeper at a luxury hotel—a fascinating look at the level of detail that goes into this essential position.

Now there’s a new look at the housekeeper, thanks to a series of just-released videos from the Ritz-Carlton; one of these clips features a housekeeper in Hong Kong who would clearly be horrified at how I make my bed. Our friends at the R-C have given T+L exclusive early access to these videos, and we’re sharing them here.

The video series, called “The Art of The Craft,” highlights several positions within the luxury brand: a sommelier in California, a chef in Germany, a shoe-shiner in Istanbul, and the housekeeper. Six more videos are scheduled.

We love a good peek-behind-the-curtain view of anything. And while these videos won’t show you where the hotels store the little shampoos and mini-bar refills, they do give a sense of their employees’ attention to detail. They also feature some nice scenic shots of the hotels and their surroundings (yes, I’d like to be drinking wine overlooking the ocean at its Half Moon Bay property now).

The videos are a worthwhile web detour and a good reminder of just how hard behind-the-scenes hotel employees work to make your stay great.

They’re also a good reminder that I could use some bed-making lessons.

Rich Beattie is the executive digital editor at Travel + Leisure.