By Kathryn O'Shea-Evans
September 16, 2013

Are the latest beauty and wellness products worthy of a spot in your teensy carry-on? T+L Associate Editor Kathryn O’Shea-Evans shares her take.

Pros: Yes, my body is my temple—but occasionally this temple gets sick (especially when roaming the globe). Thank god for the new, clove-tasting “Get Wellness” Herb Tea for Immunity, filled with organic rooibos, Echinacea, and elderberries. Best of all, it comes in a recyclable, travel-friendly tin ($5 for six).

Cons: These round tea bags don’t come with strings, so you’ll have to fish them out of your cup by spoon once they steep. That’s a small price to pay for their protective powers, though. The next time a flight attendant wants my drink order, I know exactly what it’ll be: “hot water with a side of lemon, please-and-thank-you-very-much.”

Verdict: Packable.

Kathryn O'Shea-Evans is an associate editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @ThePluckyOne.