If you have yet to encounter the RedBall Project, get ready, because this traveling art project might be coming to a city near you. Passersby have been amazed to see the giant red ball hovering above London's Golden Jubilee Bridge, perched in front of Paris's Pompidou Center, or squished between two Beaux-Arts buildings in Barcelona. It's currently in Montréal, and first appeared at the Biosphere Environment Museum.

Brooklyn-based artist Kurt Perschke travels the world with his giant red ball, inflating it in public places and documenting people's reactions to it. Kids and adults alike touch it, bounce off it, and photograph themselves with it.

For Perschke, the project is more about the process than the ball. He takes the time to get to know a city, scouting locations that will get foot traffic from both locals and tourists. "Every city is new and a kind of experiment," Perschke told T+L.

The ball has already popped up in nineteen cities, including St. Louis, Los Angeles, Chicago, Taipei, Abu Dhabi, Sydney, London, Paris, Barcelona, and, most recently, Galway, Ireland. It rolled into Montreal on August 31 and will bounce around the city until September 6. Check out the video below:

Laura Itzkowitz is a research assistant at Travel + Leisure.