By Paul Brady
January 09, 2020
Credit: Courtesy of The Moorings

When it comes to vacationing in Brazil, there’s really no way to go wrong, whether you’re spending a long weekend on the sand in Rio de Janeiro, sailing up the Amazon River, or marveling at the wonders of Iguazú Falls. A number of cruise lines have upped their interest in the country, with visits to coastal cities like Rio and Salvador de Bahia.

Credit: Courtesy of The Moorings

Now, the charter yacht company The Moorings is making it even easier to get on the water, with vessels for rent in the colonial city of Paraty, located about 120 miles northeast of Sao Paulo.

The Moorings is well known for its charters in the Caribbean, in particular the British Virgin Islands and other popular cruising grounds. But their new offer in Brazil’s Baia Carioca is the company’s first-ever foray into South America. They’re starting small, with a fleet of four yachts that can be rented either with an experienced crew or “bareboat,” meaning you’ll handle all the lines and plot your own course. The yachts, including custom-built boats from Beneteau, Delta, and Jeanneau, have either three or four cabins and can accommodate up to eight people.

“Guests will enjoy a blend of lush Atlantic forests, scenic hikes, hidden mangroves, emerald-green passages, and soft-sand beaches,” said The Moorings, in a statement about the new charters. The company recommends seven-day trips, which allows time to take in popular sailing stops like Cedro, Cotia, and Gipoia islands. Rates start at $4,050 for a week-long trip.

Credit: Courtesy of The Moorings

While Brazil has lately been in the news because of devastating wildfires, it remains a popular destination for American travelers. In 2019, Brazil waived its visa requirement for U.S. visitors, and airlines have been adding new service between the two countries.