By Shane Mitchell
January 08, 2015

3:46 p.m.: The raw-concrete wall before you signals the stark divide between art and nature. Amid the cactus-studded dunes of coastal Oaxaca, with the Sierra Madre del Sur in the distance, lies Casa Wabi, a new fortress of creative solitude designed by architect Tadao Ando as a foundation for the Mexican artist Bosco Sodi. You’ve walked here along the beach from your bungalow at the Hotel Escondido to view an installation by French artist Daniel Buren. Later, you’ll attend a film screening and visit with the international artists here for a residency. And who knows? That beachcomber you saw earlier sketching wind-bleached driftwood may have been one of them. You certainly couldn’t ask for a more inspiring setting.

Shane Mitchell is T+L's lifestyle correspondent.