Logo-mania is spreading, as luxury label Louis Vuitton expands its global empire with two new outposts. At the New Delhi store (Oberoi Hotel, Dr. Zakir Hussain Rd.; 91-11/5150-5095), new-money Indians mingle with Bollywood stars and the descendants of the maharajahs, whose families have been loyal to the brand for more than a century. Their ancestors' vintage Vuitton gear is interspersed with newer designs (like a just-launched line of yoga-inspired bags) in the windows of the marble shop, beside India Gate. The Moscow boutique (10/18 Stoleshnikov Pereylok; 7-095/933-3530) sits just steps from the Bolshoi Theater, on one of the city's oldest pedestrian walkways. Royal connections reign here as well: in the 19th century, Nicholas II, the future czar of Russia, commissioned Louis Vuitton himself to create a series of trunks.
—Jane Bills