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Q. I am wondering if you can tell me about the type of food in Nepal and possibly where I might get some recipes for a party. We are entertaining people who will come to hear a lecture and see a slide show of a trip a photographer took to Nepal. We thought the right kind of food might be fun and inspiring!

A. The food of Nepal is similar (as you might expect) to the cuisine of northern India, using plenty of curry and chilies to keep things interesting. Meat dishes are based mainly on chicken and lamb; vegetarian dishes are often based on eggplants, potatoes, and beans. Popular desserts include mango ice cream, rice or vermicelli (called kheer) pudding, and halva. You'll find a list of recipes for Nepali dishes and accompanying sauces at Asia Recipe ( If you want to really impress your friends, try a meal starting with thukpa (Himalayan vegetable-noodle stew), followed by Ghorkali lamb (spicy grilled lamb sautéed in curry sauce), and topped off by a dessert of rasgoola (chilled curd balls and syrup—yum!).