Sotheby’s principal auctioneer, Tobias Meyer, deconstructs his carry-on and explains why less is more luxurious.

Davies + Starr Turnbull and Asser white shirt
| Credit: Davies + Starr

1. Stow Away I go for ease—my bag has to get me from A to B as painlessly as possible. (Black leather Valextra Garment Bag, $3,940)

2. Book Review I was recently in Greece and read John Fowles’s The Magus, and I loved it. It’s perfect when you read something that relates to where you are and gives you a true sense of place. (Laurel, $7.99)

3. Playlist Right now I’m very into Arvo Pärt, the Estonian composer, and Björk—any and all Björk. (iPod 80 GB, $349)

4. White Noise I prefer the basic, cheap, garden-variety earplugs. I don’t want to get too attached to a product that’s not replaceable.

5. In-Flight Reading The New Yorker, always. On a plane you’re uninterrupted—no Wi-Fi, no distractions—and you can give it the attention it requires.

6. Tied Up I always carry a backup tie from Charvet. Blue or navy, maybe with a small design.(Bergdorf Goodman, $165)

7. Cardholder I have a really vulgar, fat wallet. There are a lot of crumpled Swiss francs, euros, and pounds in it, and 18 credit cards, too. (Ferragamo calf-leather wallet, $198)

8. Tech Savvy I move around incessantly; I love my BlackBerry. Too bad I constantly misplace it. (BlackBerry 8700g, $300)

9. Shaded Lenses Tom Ford glasses are stylish and beautifully crafted. (Saks Fifth Avenue, $490)

10. Tailor-Made My shirts are all custom from Turnbull & Asser. You can have a really wild mind but keep things simple and contained on the outside. (Turnbull and Asser white shirt, $250)

11. Luck of the Draw I tend to hang on to fortunes from fortune cookies. ’You will make a name for yourself.’ That’s quite nice.