February 2000

Road Test: A New Caddie

What is it? dTUBE, a three-pound aluminum shaft that expands into a chic little luggage cart.

On the concourse: It unfolds in a snap. Sure, it seems to be designed for someone under five foot eight--I had to hunch over--but its good looks turned some heads. Then I hit a moving walkway and dTUBE turned every head, only this time in irritation, not envy: the hard plastic wheels (most caddies have rubber ones) let out a deafening squeal on rough surfaces.

Through security: The dTUBE's resemblance to a missile got me stopped by guards. One, however, did allow that she'd never seen a "hip-looking caddie."

Into the overhead: Collapsing the thing involved multiple attempts, pinched fingers, and much grumbling from the people behind me in the aisle.

Verdict: dTUBE is best for those who value form over function.

Cost: $49.85. Available from Magellan's (800/962-4943). --Adam Feild


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