By Staff
July 12, 2013

Tired of waiting at customs? This pilot program lets businesses pay to ease border delays, as covered by TravelMole. (Adrien Glover)

A tongue-in-cheek look from Gadling's Libby Zay as to why it might be nice to live in an airport. (Peter Schlesinger)

The Economist investigates how five-star hotels have become the only place for Mumbai's new rich to socialize. Brunch, anyone? (P.S.)

Speaking of brunch, visitors of Death Valley National Park have been warned not to fry eggs directly on the scorching ground. Pans, however, are fair game. [via Telegraph] (Maria Pedone)

It's easy to miss these five New York City buildings when bustling past the crowds, but their rich histories (Eagle Warehouse; Bowery Savings Bank) make them worth a second-look, as noted by Atlas Obscura's Allison Meier. (M.P.)

Goats, ducklings, and mayonnaise—oh, my! Telegraph reports the weirdest items (and animals) left in hotel rooms. (M.P.)

The Huffington Post notices new restrictions at Denmark's Aalborg Airport—particularly, a tightly enforced, three-minute limit on smooches at the airport's new "kiss and goodbye" zone. (Nikki Ekstein)