Scoot Airlines, a low-cost spinoff of Singapore Air, has joined Malaysia's Air Asia X in offering child-free zones on its flights. The new ScootinSilence seats, which cost as little as $15 more, offer travelers a few more inches of legroom and the promise of no seatmates under the the age of 12. The jury's still out on whether U.S. domestic carriers would find a market for such seats. Marketwatch has the story. (Amy Farley)

The ever-helpful George Hobica of Airfare Watchdog has assembled a list of the airports providing Wi-Fi service, outlining both the network names and costs. We'll be sure to consult it before heading on our next flight. (Nikki Ekstein)

In a new trial, Emirates will be introducing shisha lounges aboard its fleet of A380s—available only to first and business class. The big question: who wants to sit next to a water pipe when turbulence hits? (N.E.)

Greg Oates from Skift takes an in-depth look at Switzerland's contemporary architecture scene, finding that the home of Heidi has much more to offer than the traditional Alpine chalet. (Peter Schlesinger)

Google Maps has done it again—last week there were planes, this week there are pandas! The internet giant now has street view for dozens of zoos around the world. (P.S.)

Confused about what to wear on your next cruise? Polina Myagkov gives a useful rundown for The Huffington Post on which cruise lines have formal nights, and what "formal" actually means. (P.S.)

John Metcalfe with The Atlantic Cities profiles a Spanish artist who reworks trash into street masterpieces. (P.S.)Photo credit: iStockphoto