ABC News's Genevieve Shaw Brown gets the scoop on a new program called Pets Unstressing Passengers (PUP, for short), that brings therapy dogs to LAX to help ease the nerves of wary travelers. (Nikki Ekstein)

Want a discount at your favorite restaurant? Put away your phone! CNN Money's Erin Kim reports on phone-free dining. (N.E.)

Here's a fascinating interactive graphic from The New Yorker that breaks down the average income for residents surrounding each of the five boroughs' subway stops. (N.E.)

Prompted by a heart-wrenching report in The New York Times detailing how scores of Greek schoolchildren are going hungry in the wake of the economic crisis, Dave Seminara from Gadling urges travelers to head to the country this summer and spend their tourism dollars wisely. (Amy Farley)

Vanity Fair's Michael Callahan takes a walk down memory lane and tells the story of Holiday, the colorful and eclectic mid-Century travel magazine that brought the world such gems as E.B. White's "Here is New York." (Matt Haber)

South Sudan is the world's youngest country, declaring its independence in July 2011. Outside's Patrick Symmes takes a look at its growing pains. (M.H.)

The folks at Longform point us to this 1987 Sports Illustrated piece by Leigh Montville about the Boston Marathon that has only taken on more resonance this week. (M.H.)

Traveling around Cambodia just got easier now that Google Translate has added Khmer, the country's official language, as its 66th supported language. The Next Web's Josh Ong has the details. (Maria Pedone)

The Telegraph's Nick Squires reports on the continuing efforts to raise the Costa Concordia, partially sunk off the coast of Italy. Oh, and apparently there's a Bollywood-style musical film in the works based on the disaster. (Peter Schlesinger)

Skift's Dennis Schaal has a report from researcher Amadeus that reveals the busiest airline routes by passenger volume in 2012. Seven of the top ten are in Asia, and none are in North America or Europe. (P.S.)

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