Judson Baker

Number of Ping-Pong balls on a Princess Cruises ship: 576

Number of pool towels needed for a seven-night sailing on Disney Cruise Line: 15,225

Number of bars of soap used in a year on Carnival's Victory: 5 million

Number of swizzle sticks used annually on Cunard's Queen Elizabeth 2: 1 million

Miles of aluminum foil used annually on the QE2: 125

Number of sheets used on one QE2 transatlantic voyage: 11,600

Number of chocolates placed on Carnival guests' pillows in a year: 15 million

Pounds of pineapple consumed on an American Hawaii Cruises trip: 3,000

Number of cans of Coca-Cola consumed in a month on Disney's Magic: 15,776

Number of shrimp served on the 15-ship Carnival fleet in a week: 350,000

Number of passengers who sailed on North American cruise ships in 1980: 1.4 million.
Number of passengers in 2000: 6.9 million. In the cruise industry, the numbers speak volumes

Rank of the Caribbean among the most popular destinations for North American cruise passengers: 1

Percentage of passengers who list "relaxing" and "getting away from it all" as top reasons for cruising: 80

Percentage of passengers who stay at sea longer than 18 days: 0.7

Average length of a cruise: 6.5 days

Largest cabin suite: 3,000 square feet, aboard Celebrity Cruises' Millennium and Infinity (butler service included)

Weight of Carnival's Destiny: 101,353 tons, equivalent to 16,890 African elephants

Largest cruise ship (tie): Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas and Explorer of the Seas, each 1,020 feet (with room for 3,844 passengers and 1,176 crew members)

Number of Goodyear blimps that could be placed end to end on each: 5.3

Total number of North American cruise berths: 179,563

Number of cruise berths expected by 2002: 202,996