That’s me and Harley, just back from a stroll around Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I’m wearing the Rebound jacket from Nau, which I plan on taking everywhere I go because it’s the best travel jacket I’ve ever worn. The main reason it’s so great? Packablity.

With all due respect to T+L's International Editor Mark Orwoll and his Quantum Jacket from ScotteVest, I have found the best travel jacket for me: the Rebound by Nau.

Nau, a sustainable urban and outdoor apparel brand based in Portland, Oregon seems to be on the path to fulfilling of one of my life-long desires. I have always wanted a jacket made of a material no thicker than a quarter inch that changes its insulation factor depending on whether it is 62 degrees or minus two (space-age dream, I know, but someone will do it).

Also, ideally, I would feel equally comfortable wearing this jacket whether I am going the hottest new restaurant in London or biking to work.

While Nau has yet to invent my magical fabric (what they are using with seems a predecessor of it; it has a great insulating and breathing quality), they have made a beautifully designed weather-beating garment that I’d happily throw on over a little black dress or a sweatshirt.

Most important, since it’s no thicker that a cotton shirt (folded, it takes up next to no space in my suitcase), this Rebound jacket is definitely going on my body or in my suitcase no matter when and when, where, or how I travel.

Yeah, the ScotteVest is pretty amazing (I will probably get my dad one for Father’s Day), but for me, it's the Nau Rebound. Who needs all those pockets when you have a purse? (wink)

Laura Teusink is Travel + Leisure’s associate managing editor.