A new crop of airport spas is making layovers more tolerable. What could be better than a foot rub or a facial to turn a business trip into a vacation?Here, our favorite domestic standbys.

d_parture spa Newark Liberty; Terminals B and C; 973/242-3444
The Look Zen. White walls, orange accents, and lots of glass give it a sense of calm.
Best Treatment Foot massage (20 minutes, $35) and simultaneous aroma oxygen session ($23).
Bonus Frequent-buyer program gives 10 percent off services and 30 percent off house cosmetics.

Backrub Hub Chicago O'Hare; Terminal 3; 773/601-0630
The Look Bare-bones. Massage chairs and products are pulled out by day, stashed away at night.
Best Treatment The Works, which includes a head, neck, and back massage (30 minutes, $33).
Bonus Until May 1, you can buy a 20-minute massage and get five extra minutes free.

O2raOxygen Detroit; McNamara Terminal; 734/247-4770
The Look Urban. Silver dominates the minimalist space, with greens and beiges to soften the mood.
Best Treatment Ear candling, to relieve pressure from flying (60 minutes, $50).
Bonus Get a 15-minute oxygen session with a 15-minute chair massage and save 10 percent.

Polished Pittsburgh; Concourse A; 412/472-0470
The Look Warm and sophisticated. Open spaces, vivid prints, and flattering lighting.
Best Treatment Seaweed Mint Gel Pedicure, which decreases water retention (45 minutes, $50).
Bonus Purchase an MD Skincare home-treatment system ($65) and get a free facial.

Massage Bar Seattle-Tacoma; C Concourse and North Satellite; 206/985-7177
The Look No-frills. A treatment "bar" accommodates five or six clients for fully clothed chair massages.
Best Treatment Triple Shot chair massage, covering major stress and qi points (45 minutes, $54).
Bonus Get $1 off any treatment during daily Happy Hour (the first hour the spa is open).