By Nikki Ekstein
January 07, 2014

Las Vegas is buzzing this week for Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014, and T+L is here to provide you with the latest from the conference floor. Read on for a look at the tech trends that will change the way you travel this year.

Wearble Everything: Google Glass may have dominated the blogosphere in 2013, but this year, we’ll be seeing a wider array of smart wearables that will take you from the beach to the slopes. A few of our favorites:

Smart goggles
Liquid Image is one-upping mounted action cameras, like the popular Go Pro, by embedding an HD camera straight into your ski goggles. Thanks to built-in connectivity, you can also live stream your footage.

They’re not the only earbuds we’ve seen that are completely cordless (a trend all its own), but they are the only ones on our radar that will coach you through your runs, meaning you can now take your personal trainer on the go.

You’ve heard of FitBit, JamBone, and the dozens of other fitness trackers (CES is downright flooded with them this year!). This super-affordable version comes bundled with 12-week training courses to help you get in shape for your next trip. Exercises are tailored for each goal, with programs that are likely to suit your next vacation (think Golf Gorgeous or Bikini Bod).

June by Netatmo
Worried about over-exposure at the beach? This smart bracelet synchs with an app to tell you what the local UV index is, what type of sunscreen you should be wearing, and when to reapply. The design is downright stunning—it was crafted not by engineers but by a former LVMH jeweler—and the app even tells you when you ought to pack sunglasses and a hat. (Just watch your tan lines.)

Nikki Ekstein is an editorial assistant at Travel + Leisure.