By Nikki Ekstein
January 09, 2014

Tech experts are swarming Las Vegas this week for Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014, and T+L is on the ground to bring you the latest travel trends of the year. Here, a peek at some of the hottest tools so far.

Remote viewing: A slew of new tools will help you stay on top of your shows while you’re on the road. (If I’d been aware, I’d be watching the Downton Abbey premiere here in Vegas.) The frontrunners you need to know:

Dish Network
Just yesterday, the satellite provider one-upped their streaming capabilities so that now you can transfer any recorded shows to your mobile devices before you leave for a trip and watch them offline—no Wi-Fi needed.

The flagship device from Sling Media has let you stream live content onto any tablet, laptop, or smartphone for some time—and we’re big fans. But at CES, they’ve been honored for their new companion app, SlingPlayer 3.0, which lets you engage over social media or use split-screen navigation while streaming live TV.

This sleek set top box acts like a DVR for TV content that’s available over antenna, on Roku, and on all your other non-cable platforms. In its second generation, it’s now allowing users to send content to all their mobile devices for remote streaming, making it easier to catch up on your favorite shows when you have that critical hour of afternoon down time at your hotel.

The once-pioneer of recorded TV is making a big comeback with their latest upgrade. With it, subscribers can transfer content to mobile devices for offline viewing or stream over Wi-Fi—offering plenty of options. Load up a whole season of Breaking Bad to get caught up on your flight, and stream more current episodes to stay up to date on a long trip.

Nikki Ekstein is an editorial assistant at Travel + Leisure.