Anyone with an SLR camera knows there are about a million cases to choose from to lug around your camera, lenses, and accessories. But recently, I was shown a couple of cases from Lowepro that I absolutely love. The Flipside Sport (pictured above) is a backpack-style case that’s perfect for outdoor/adventure photography. It fits securely over your shoulders, but also has an extra strap that clasps around your waist. Plus, since it’s made for outdoor activity, there’s a special H2O compartment on the side that’s designed to allow a sports straw to feed through, so you can rehydrate without digging through your bag. On the other side? A convenient spot to store a modest-sized tripod.

If you’re less adventure, more city, but still love photography, check out the more compact Urban Sling design. It has a single strap, and enough room to carry your camera, plus a couple of accessories. Its single side pouch is perfect for holding a water bottle, or travel-sized tripod.

Both models are available in multiple sizes, and the inside compartments are fully adjustable to accommodate your equipment. Oh, and the best part: For added security, all models are designed with the zipper flush against your body. It’s an almost foolproof way to prevent anyone from discreetly snagging your gear!

Flipside Sport, from $124.95; Urban Sling, from $84.99;

Joshua Pramis is the social media editor and resident tech aficionado at Travel + Leisure. Follow him on Twitter: @joshuapramis

Photos courtesy of Lowepro.