I have a problem. When I find a song I really enjoy, I listen to it to death. I’m not even slightly exaggerating. Sometimes I’ll play it two or three times on a single 30-minute commute home. For serious. And then, of course, after a bit of time passes, I inevitably get bored with it and need to give it a rest until it feels like new again. As a result—and my friends can attest—I regularly post, both to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, pleading for my friends to send me new music suggestions.

So I was excited to hear about a new free app called MusicBunk (Android; iOS) Basically, it’s a simple way to get music recommendations from your friends, but without having to bother them. (Or have them send you a bunch of songs you already have.) Not to mention, if you're on the road, you might just not have the time to sit around and wait for responses. So it's a perfect way to time manage while traveling, without having to give up on that desire for new tunes.

As long as your friends are signed up with MusicBunk (you can find them via either a Facebook or phone contacts search) it’s easy to peruse their playlists in search of new jams. (Caveat: you’re only allowed to hear 30 second clips; just enough to get a taste and decide if you like it.)

Find something you love? If you have an iPhone, just tap the iTunes icon and you can download it right away. If you’re on an Android, look for the Amazon icon. To boot, you can also do a YouTube search to find any videos floating around that feature the song.

Next step: Getting my friends to download and sign up for it…

Joshua Pramis is the social media editor and resident tech aficionado at Travel + Leisure. Follow him (and then send him music suggestions) on Twitter: @joshuapramis