For those who like to track down places associated with their favorite children's books, here's help: In Once upon a Time in Great Britain (St. Martin's Press), Melanie Wentz covers old and new classics of the U.K. in thorough, if not always lively, detail. For each book, Wentz provides an excerpt, an author biography, and descriptions of related sites (the Oxford pub where C. S. Lewis hung out, a gallery with Beatrix Potter's original drawings), along with fun-sounding detours (badger watches for Wind in the Willows fans). • In Storybook Travels (Three Rivers Press), Colleen Dunn Bates and Susan LaTempa package easy book-inspired itineraries (visit California's Channel Islands to conjure up Island of the Blue Dolphins) with accounts of their families' jaunts. If the book list seems arbitrary, that's because the authors cover all of Europe and North America in just 30 literary works. —Jane Margolies