Take a Selfie, Help Save a Rhino
Credit: © Megan Soll

Every seven hours, a rhino in South Africa falls prey to poachers. The country is home to 83% of Africa’s rhinos and 73% of all wild rhinos worldwide. In recent years, rhino populations have dwindled dangerously, with three out of five species classified as critically endangered (the highest risk for extinction). In looking for ways to combat the decline, andBeyond’s Rhinos Without Borders project has started a social media campaign to help fund protection of the endangered animals by relocating them to safety. Helping is as simple as taking a photo.

By donating $1, you can download an origami template and explanation on how to fold your paper rhino. Take a rhino selfie, and post using the hashtag #RhinosWithoutBorders and #RhinoMove on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

The crowd-fundraising campaign was launched through Trevolta to aid the project. The goal, as andBeyond has partnered with Great Plains Conservation, is to move 100 rhinos to safer grounds in Botswana in 2015. The campaign runs through World Rhino Day on September 22.

Take part with your origami rhino pics, or learn other ways to donate and raise awareness here.

Megan Soll isa member of Travel + Leisure's digital team.

By Megan and Megan Soll