Polar Bear sign in Svalbard
Credit: Courtesy of Off the Map Travel

A summer camping trip is so much better with polar bears.

Instead of opting for a sweltering campground this summer, experts at adventure travel company Off the Map Travel suggest spending a night on a glacier – the perfect spot to see Norway’s polar bears.

Basecamp Explorer adventure by Off the Map travel in Svalbard
Credit: Courtesy of Basecamp Explorer and Off the Map Travel

Off the Map Travel’s “Night on a Glacier” program allows guests to stay at the exclusive Nordenskiold Lodge, located at the foot of the blue glacier, on the island of Svalbard. There, guests can enjoy a perfectly quiet atmosphere that will help them hear the glacier movements as well as get a prime view of the island’s wildlife, including polar bears.

“This is a spectacular opportunity for adventure lovers,” Jonny Cooper, adventure travel expert and founder of Off the Map Travel, said in a statement. “Svalbard is one of the world’s best spots for seeing wildlife, with May to September the optimal months as the snow has melted. And at the expedition lodge, you’ll enjoy all manner of amenities and comforts with the chance to see polar bears.”

Polar Bear in Svalbard
Credit: Sandra Hallsten/Courtesy of Basecamp Explorer and Off the Map Travel

In addition, guests can enjoy summer dog sledding and a guided Zodiac boat cruise around the coast to the lodge. Not only will polar bears likely be spotted along the way, but also walruses and whales.

And if viewing one of the world’s most spectacular (and endangered) species isn’t enough, the program also includes a guided glacier climb, kayaking, and a photo walk among the magnificent scenery. The lodge also offers incredible meals with local delicacies, a traditional sauna, and lots of cozy places to enjoy your travel partners’ company and view the wildlife.

Camp in Svalbard
Credit: Kirsti Ikonen/Courtesy of Basecamp Explorer and Off the Map Travel

The program is only offered from May to September of 2019, and each itinerary is customized to your needs and interests. This also means that costs can vary.

The summer polar bear expedition itinerary begins at $1,500. For more information on booking a trip, visit the Off The Map Travel website.