Talk about spoiling the mood: If you’re going to the Maldives for a romantic getaway, the islands’ deposed president has a great suggestion for you: Settle into your hotel room, then watch his trial on TV.

Depending on whom you ask, Mohamed Nasheed either stepped down, or was ousted, from office earlier this year. Either way, he is now facing charges of abusing his power and will be tried by what he calls a “kangaroo court.”

The former prez says that tourists should know that some luxury resorts may have backed his coup after he had hoped to market the islands—which has long attracted both honeymooners and A-list guests such as Tom Cruise, Jennifer Aniston and Mick Jagger—to more middle-income travelers.

While normally we wouldn't advise holing up with the telly during an island getaway, this trial could have compelling entertainment value, kangaroos notwithstanding, thanks to the colorful Nasheed. While still in power, for instance, Nasheed once held a cabinet meeting underwater, to call attention to climate change. Today, he’s also concerned that the current administration wants to do away with kissing on beaches. "We grew up kissing each other on the beach," he told reporters, "so it seems strange that our children won't be allowed to do it." Strange indeed.

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