“What’s your sign,” may be the oldest (and cheesiest) pick-up line in the book, but according to travel website, the stars can offer more than just a love match. The site, which uses artificial intelligence to match travelers with their ideal trip, is now applying its algorithms to the stars and “offering celestial guidance to travelers who know they need a vacation”—from Aquarius (go hiking and get physical this month!) to Sags (put on your party shoes and glam it up in another city!). Check out for your on-the-go monthly chart.

June Tripbase Horoscopes

Gemini: Techie Geminis hate to part with their gadgets...even while on vacation. Hold off on that camping trip for another month. This June, head to a bustling metropolis where you post photos and blog about your adventure right from your mobile phone.

Cancer: Playtime is scarce this June, so celebrate your birthday with a staycation near home. Revisit local attractions. Book a night in quaint B&B or boutique hotel. Although you’re frugal by nature, you’re also a die-hard foodie. Allow for one big splurge at that raved-about restaurant with a Michelin Starchef.

Leo: With all the projects on your plate, you’ve scarcely had time for friends. Rally your pals for a long-weekend getaway. Break your habit of booking a heavy itinerary. Lazy days provide the perfect backdrop for catching up and connecting.

Virgo: The competitive rat race has been getting you down. Restore your faith in humanity by observing a tribal culture. Their community spirit will inspire you to create more togetherness in your life back at home.

Libra: Love heats up for Libra near the summer solstice. Perfumed air, brilliant sunsets, cobblestone streets...a charming, relaxed destination gets you in the mood for amore...and gives single Libras the courage to flirt with the locals.

Scorpio: Your penetrating gaze has been fixed on your computer screen, and you’re desperate for a better view. Photograph your way through a design-oriented city where the colorful sign graphics and architectural styles are as stimulating as the gallery scene.

Sagittarius: Demands of home life have forced you to be a morning person, but your inner night owl is starting to rebel. Book a glamour-filled weekend in a 24-hour city, where you can check out exhibits by day and dance to live bands after dark.

Capricorn: You’re the workerbee of the family, but there’s a nurturing side in there too. Bring it to the fore on Father’s Day, by planning a family getaway with all the comforts of home...great food, cozy accommodations, and maybe even a tour of a local vineyard.

Aquarius: You finally got back into the groove of working out. Don’t let a vacation sideline your routine. Slip on the hiking boots and hit the trails. Since you love a physical challenge, take the steeper route, then, unwind with a much-deserved soak in a hot tub.

Pisces: You’ve been everyone’s shoulder to lean on lately. Restore your balance with some much-deserved retail therapy. Slip off for a shopping trip, where reduced-price antiques and charming boutiques fulfill your love of unusual treasures.

Aries: Your active career shows no signs of slowing down, but you’re missing the comforts of family. Restore your balance by vacationing with relatives, even if you have to split time between sentimental bonding and working on your laptop.

Taurus: Life’s gotten too predictable for your liking, so immerse yourself in a foreign culture for a while. Since you love being hands-on, sign up for a native cooking or crafts workshop, and book a local guide to give you a truly authentic tour of the sites.