Watch out, New York. Nashville’s coming for ya.

This year, Music City promises to host the largest Fourth of July fireworks show in the country, a title previously held by the Big Apple’s impressive Macy’s broadcast.

“Nashville has been on such a great roll with tourism, so we wanted the show to be a thank you to our visitors,” explained Deana Ivey, Chief Marketing Officer for the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp.

“For several years we have been ranked in the top five, and last year we were ranked number two behind Macy’s New York. At the time we said, well, we’re going to find out how many shells they have, and we’re going do more to make Nashville the biggest.”

Ivey was tight-lipped about the exact number of shells the city plans to use this year, but she assured me it’s a number higher than Macy’s 50,000+.

The show, which will take place on Broadway this Saturday at 9:30 p.m. CDT, will be choreographed live with the Nashville Symphony, and is just one part of the city’s Independence Day celebration. A whole schedule of events, including free concerts and a family fun zone will be going on downtown all weekend long.

When it’s time to light up the sky, move toward the waterfront for the best views, or pop into the nearby Omni Hotel, and head to the roof to watch the show poolside. Or, if big crowds and loud noises aren’t your thing, Watch the whole thing from the comfort of your living room via livestream, here.

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