These destinations saw from two to nine times as many bookings on Airbnb this year compared to last. Visit while they're still under the radar.

La Ciotat, France, is one of Airbnb's trending summer destinations.
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Originally published on May 25th, 2017.

Want to spend your summer vacation in a place that people are just starting to catch on to?

Airbnb's list of trending destinations is a good place to start. The company identified some of the places where vacation rental bookings are on the rise in a big way.

Aside from a couple obvious destinations on the list, what most of these cities have in common is that they're *near* a major tourist destination, but they're just far enough away (about an hour, hour and a half) to avoid the big crowds.

The percentage growth is based on bookings compared to the same time last year, according to Airbnb.

10. Rosarito, Mexico

Rosarito, just south of the U.S. border in Baja California, Mexico, is not a secret to locals. Get past the hustle and bustle of Tijuana, and you'll find quiet beaches and great value here. Airbnb saw a 231 percent increase in bookings. In addition to the obvious draw of the sand and sun, Rosarito is also great for wine tours.

9. Destin, Florida

The fabulous Destin-ation (I'm not sorry) saw a 232 percent increase in bookings. It's in Florida's panhandle, the sometimes overlooked coastal stretch of sandy beaches, a bit more than an hour's drive east of Pensacola.

8. Prince Edward, Canada

This Canadian destination is great for 2017 for one very big reason: Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday by making all its national parks free. Prince Edward saw an increase of 243 percent.

7. Scarborough, England

This resort town on the coast of the North Sea The increase here was 258 percent. Unlike most beach towns on this list, this one has a castle.

6. Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi has an increase in bookings of 261 percent — perhaps in some part due to Anthony Bourdain and Barack Obama's notable visit last year? We're not saying that's the only reason, but we're also not saying we'd blame you for booking a trip after seeing that episode of “Parts Unknown.”

5. Levanto, Italy

Levanto is north, along the coast, from the five and only Cinque Terre. It's a good place to visit along the way to the popular destination. Levanto saw a 313 percent increase.

4. Tainan, Taiwan

With a population of 1.8 million people, Tainan is no sleepy coastal town. The metropolis saw a 424 percent increase in bookings, according to Airbnb.

3. Salou, Spain

Salou, about an hour and a half southwest of Barcelona by car or train, is an affordable coastal enclave popular for sailing and windsurfing (i.e., it can be windy). Airbnb saw an increase in bookings of 463 percent this year compared to last. If you go, don't miss the sunsets.

2. La Ciotat, France

La Ciotat, on France's Mediterranean coast, saw a 675-percent increase compared to last year. The town is southeast of Marseille, past the Calanques National Park which offers breathing room from the often-crowded beaches in the south of France. If you're already considering going here, this rental with an infinity pool overlooking the ocean will push you over the edge.

1. Havana, Cuba

Cuba, which only recently became a destination that more U.S. travelers were able to consider, saw the most growth compared to the same time last year: 940 percent. The initial rush by airlines and tour companies to offer service to Cuba has settled, leaving more options for less money than a couple years ago. Cuba welcomed a record number of tourists in 2016, and the trend is likely to continue this summer.

The most-booked destinations this summer, according to Airbnb, were less about the beach and more about the city. The top 10 in order are London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Tokyo, Madrid, Osaka, Lisbon, Prague, and Amsterdam.