By Erika Owen
June 25, 2015
Credit: via YouTube

It might not look like much more than a typical outdoor water slide at first glance, but the Royal Flush is what warm summer daydreams are made of. The Royal Flush—located at the BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas—is made up of a trio of slides that vary in length, height, and their ability to shoot riders high into the air. All three of the slides end up in the same 15-foot pool—the smallest slide has a slower speed and smaller trajectory (think of it as a ski slope bunny hill) and the largest features a 100-foot drop for more adventurous riders.

Lifejackets are required for all slide riders, as well as a $15 day pass for the slides—on top of the $10 park entry fee. The water park offers other attractions for those looking to stray from the water slides, like a lazy river and a cable park.

A video was recently released highlighting the Royal Flush and some pretty impressive aerial stunts from riders. If this isn't summer trip inspiration, we don't know what is:

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