Where's our tourist emoji?!
Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco California
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The first few hours of travel can truly make or break a trip. From your flight to the first impression of your hotel at check-in, these preliminary moments can set the tone for the entire stay.

According to a new survey by Booking.com, 46 percent of respondents agree and said they believe the first 24 hours are the most impactful time on a vacation. But the way in which we spend those moments is a bit more surprising.

More than 60 percent of respondents to the survey said they immediately unpack and take time to explore their accommodations.

Of those who explore their new space, more than one third said they test out the bed by jumping or having a nap on it.

When asked about the top things they like to take advantage of in their accommodations during the first 24 hours, the results revealed that 44 percent of people cozy up in their comfortable bed while 39 percent said they like to take in the amazing view. Additionally, 32 percent said they seek out a strong Wi-Fi connection, which is why it’s not surprising that 27 percent of respondents said they make time during their first view hours on a trip to take the ultimate picture for social media.

To help these tech-savvy travelers make the most of their first few hours of vacation, and just in time for World Emoji Day, Booking.com is creating new emoji relevant to the first 24 hours of a holiday to better equip travelers in the social world. The travel site asked 18,000 travelers for their top five new emoji and brought them to life through illustrations. Those top emoji include: someone looking at a map, someone dressed in typical tourist gear, someone unpacking, a sun lounger, and someone taking a selfie.

Booking.com Vacation Social Media Emojis
Credit: Courtesy of Booking.com

To help make these emoji part of your keyboard, the Booking.com team also started a tongue in cheek petition for Unicode to include them as part of their current list. So if you want more vacation emoji on your phone so you can send the perfect jealousy-inducing text to your friends back home, then sign our petition and help make it happen. Maybe just don’t do it while jumping on your hotel bed.