Luxury Pool Floats
Credit: Courtesy of Pigro Felice

Lounge in the pool like the royalty you know you are.

And pay about the same price, too.

Back in the day, pool noodles and inner tubes ruled the summer as we headed to our local swim spots (and for the lucky few of us, our backyards). But not now. Now we have to up our inflatable game with fancy pool loungers that look like pizza slices, emojis, swans, and flamingos.

And one inflatable lounger has done us all one better. The catch? It’s $450.

The Pigro Felice Modul’Air Armchair and Lounger is basically an inflatable mattress/modular furniture you can only find in the swankiest, upscale, modern club. It looks sturdy enough to sit on your deck so you can take a shady nap and plush enough to push into the water so you can bob around to your heart’s desire.

You probably won’t even get a drop of water on you when lounging on this thing. It’s that luxe and premium. Only peasants get wet while lounging.

The Pigro Felice looks heavy duty, so not only can it support you, but also your friends. You don’t even need to blow it up yourself, because it comes with an optional electric air pump for an additional $19.

And, to make the pool day extra special, you can buy a silicone cup for $18 that securely attached via magnets in the float so you don’t have a pooltime margarita disaster.

And if you’re going to spend $450 on a pool float, another $37 for a pump and a cup is just a drop in the bucket.

A small price to pay for living your best life.

More information can be found on the Pigro Felice website, and it's also available to purchase on Amazon.