Summer Sunset
Credit: Getty Images/Blend Images

You may not know it by the weather, but spring is actually here. Which means your summer vacation (should be) right around the corner.

This morning, TripAdvisor released its “Best Time to Book” report, which suggested that travelers could save an average of 20 percent on hotels around the world by booking at prime times. Still planning your trips for June, July, and August? According to the travel planning and booking site, there are less expensive times to book.

In some cases, travelers could save as much as 55 percent on a hotel room: if their summer holiday was to Moscow, that is. (Interested? Book 4-7 months out for your visit to the Russian capital). Dubai was another destination with significant savings. By booking within two months of your trip, you can score 40 percent off a hotel room.

A European getaway, booked 3-5 months in advance, could be 23 percent below peak prices. Popular cities with even more value include Prague, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona. Here, you could save 27 to 33 percent.

Generally speaking, however, savings are nothing to get too excited about. And they’re certainly not worth the stress of changing existing plans. If you’re traveling anywhere within the United States, for example, you’re only going to find rates seven percent lower than average summer fares if you book within two months of your trip. The same savings can be found in the Caribbean, though the range is wider: you can book within four months of your tropical getaway.

Melanie Lieberman is the Assistant Digital Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @melanietaryn.