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Wednesday marks the first day of summer, which usually means a few vacation days are on the horizon. However, according to a new survey conducted by the Associated Press, nearly half of Americans say they will not be taking any vacation this summer because they cannot afford it.

The survey, which was conducted in May, found that 49 percent of respondents said they would not be taking a vacation due to cost. Those living in households making less than $50,000 a year were more likely to cite costs as a reason to not take any time off.

Another 11 percent of respondents said they can’t take the time off from work, and 3 percent said they don’t like to be away from their job.

Beyond cost, getting time off was also a major factor for those saying they’d be skipping a vacation this year. According to the AP, 41 percent of those surveyed who work full- or part-time said they do not get any paid time off from their employers.

However, it’s not only about the money for non-vacationers: 15 percent of respondents said they would not be taking a vacation in the summer months because they had already taken a vacation earlier this year — or are planning one for the fall or winter.

About 4 in 10 respondents said that they don’t consider visiting family to be a true vacation. (Sorry, Grandma.)

However, taking an epic journey halfway around the world — though unforgetable — is not the only way to take a “vacation.” A staycation can be just as relaxing as a far-flung getaway, and it's more affordable. All you have to do is shake up your routine, unplug, and find a few cool local attractions to visit to feel like a tourist in your own neighborhood.

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