For "Disparities and Deformations: Our Grotesque," the fifth international biennial at SITE Santa Fe (1606 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe; 888/304-2047;, renowned curator Robert Storr gathers 100 wonderfully weird and subversive works that explore the original, art-historical meaning of grotesque: the paradoxical combination of opposites such as comedy and tragedy, beauty and ugliness. "A good way to question what we 'know' is to offer a strong alternative," Storr notes. To that end, nonagenarian sculptor Louise Bourgeois portrays herself as a three-headed creature dangling from the roof of a cage. Lisa Yuskavage depicts distorted, anti-classical muses in extravagantly seductive paintings. And newcomer Lamar Peterson paints characters who appear unfazed by their involvement in bizarre situations—witness cheery suburbanites having breakfast while sock monkeys rest on their shoulders. Through January 9.
—Rebecca Cascade