As the U.S. head of the British beauty line Molton Brown, Rob Thurlow spends a good deal of time commuting between Toronto, New York, and London.
Courtesy of Molton Brown Molton Brown products.
| Credit: Courtesy of Molton Brown

“We’re a company of explorers,” says the global nomad. “And we’re always looking for ways to help make travel easier and more luxurious.” Since taking the reins in 2005, Thurlow has overseen the creation of airport spas, travel accessories, and in-flight beauty products. On the horizon: a new luggage collection and a hotel amenities program that will allow guests to choose toiletries for their rooms in advance. Here, Thurlow’s packing tips, plus his favorite places in London.

Profession: CEO, Molton Brown USA

Destination: London

Packing Approach: Dapper on the fly

  • I like to maintain my routine by packing Nike Air Max sneakers for running and Molton Brown's Black Pepper shower gel , which boosts circulation and combats exhaustion.
  • To help with jet lag, I switch my Rolex to the time zone I am traveling to, immediately upon boarding the plane.
  • I've had the same Louis Vuitton bag for eight years. After hundreds of trips, it's still incredibly robust.
  • Travel gives me a chance to enjoy a book. I'm currently rereading Margaret Atwood's Blind Assassin .
  • On overnight flights, I want the comforts of home. I bring a Molton Brown cashmere travel blanket, which comes in a silk pouch that doubles as a pillowcase; our sleep mist, which has a relaxing scent; and my Bose noise-canceling headphones.
  • I bring things that pack easily. Ermenegildo Zegna suits only require a quick shake to get the wrinkles out, and Thomas Pink shirts wear well and are contemporary without being too trendy.