Travelers Rebecca West, Henry Morton Stanley, and Anne Morrow Lindbergh all made do with bulky notebooks to record their now famous journeys. Today's wanderers can choose from a world of journals that are compact not only in size but also in price.

WHAT: Travel from Wireworks.
THE LOOK: Thick blank pages designed for the free-flowing scribbler; extra binding for heavy use.
THE DETAILS: $30; at Flight 001, New York, 212/691-1001.

WHAT: Abroad: A Travel Organizer + Journal from Chronicle Books.
THE LOOK: Mod rubber cover, with tips, checklists, and space for your thoughts.
THE DETAILS: $17.95; 800/722-6657.

  • WHAT: Travel Journal from Sukie.
  • THE LOOK: Rough paper; envelopes for ticket stubs and memorabilia.
  • THE DETAILS: $20; at Auto, New York, 212/229-2292; or

WHAT: Eiffel Tower Journal from Cavallini & Co.
THE LOOK: Creamy, heavyweight lined paper from Italy.
THE DETAILS: $10.95; at Paper Skyscraper, Charlotte, N.C., 704/333-7130.

WHAT: See the USA Travel Journal from Chronicle Books.THE LOOK: Pages festooned with illustrations of Dick-and-Jane types zooming around in a 1950's convertible.
THE DETAILS: $9.95; 800/722-6657.