By Shane Mitchell
September 02, 2014

On every journey, I am always on the lookout for stylish souvenirs, but what really catches my eye are pieces with "you can only get it there" bragging rights. These wearable mementos might turn up in bazaars, vintage stalls, artisan workshops, even late-night bars where ex-pat jewelers will trade the occasional ruby-studded bangle over cocktails.

While exploring Shahpur Jat, an urban village where many of Delhi's next-wave stylists (Nida Mahmood, Olivia Dar, Sonam Dubal) have recently set up shop, I walked into interior designer Punit Jasuja's Second Floor Studio, filled with boldly silkscreened pillows and other tempting accessories.

This oversized pashmina is one of his side projects. He collaborates with Kashmiri weavers to create doubled shawls of opposing patterns, perfect for cool nights in Paris or Pushkar. I plucked it from the center of an extravagant pile in an alcove above the main gallery. So ask Jasuja to take you upstairs too.

Second Floor Studio, 417 Shahpur Jat, Delhi; +91/114-142-0324; $380.