Well, that’s one way to cure boredom! Stuck, the viral short film sensation created by Joe Ayala and Larry Chen, depicts the twosome’s epic adventures during an overnight layover in the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, including but not limited to wheelchair races, sneaking in a beer at a deserted bar, and a wet paper towel fight in the bathroom. Chen and Ayala, who are professional automotive photographers, released the video last month, prompting questions about the apparent lack of security in the terminal.

David Magaña, the airport spokesperson, has made it clear that while it appeared that the two filmmakers were unattended, security agents observed them several times during the making of the video. He says, “Because the filmmakers were presenting no threat to themselves, to others or to the flight safety, and were causing no damage, there was no imperative to curtail their actions.” After mentioning that they also cleaned up after themselves, including in the bathroom, Mangaña did note that the video pointed out the need to better secure the restaurant, an issue that is being “addressed immediately.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a video like this. Perhaps Chen and Ayala took inspiration from Ashley Klinger’s February 2010 video from her overnight adventures in the Pittsburgh International Airport?

Kirsten Stamn is an ASME intern at Travel + Leisure