With a street name that rings like a comic book anti-hero, and a polynym straight out of a fairy tale, it’s no wonder that Axel Void(Alejandro Hugo Dorda Mevs) has conquered buildings and walls around the world with his bombastic murals. This isn’t your basic Bansky. From Miami to Berlin, Sevilla to San Juan, Void’s larger than life, monochromatic paintings don’t sneak up on you, they stop you in your tracks.

A 21st century master of murals, Void mixes art and angst, skill and flair, and street and style in Palermo’s Piazza Garraffello. Located in the very heart of the historic center, this once decadent piazza is home to one of Void’s Life paintings (a series of round murals celebrating the phases of aging) and the aptly placed Heart. Void’s style is nostalgic and sometimes bittersweet, perfectly fitting for the well-worn and beloved neighborhood also known for the Vucciria, one of the city’s historic, open-air markets.

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