crunch yourself
Experts tell how to keep on keeping fit
Is your idea of exercise sprinting through the airport to catch a 6 a.m. plane?Time to check out Road Warrior Workout, a guide published this month under the auspices of Crunch fitness centers (Hatherleigh Press, $14.95; 800/367-2550).

The authors start out by explaining how to avoid jet lag through exercise, diet, and prudent flight scheduling; then follow up with pictures of some attention-getting in-flight yoga postures.

Finally, there's a hotel-room workout that makes use of everything you're likely to have at hand: a suitcase, towels, dresser drawers, even the phone book (guess using the Bible is sacrilegious).

  • Here are three of our favorite exercises:
  • The Reverse Namaste: A shoulder stretch for long plane rides. You basically put your palms together behind you and try to "walk" them up your back. Once you achieve the pose, hold it for five minutes. Feel free to close your eyes and meditate.
  • Table Chin-Ups: After making sure the table is sturdy (and not slippery with polish), lie underneath it. Place your feet flat on the floor, and keep your back straight. Now pull yourself up. Repeat 10 to 12 times.
  • Ski Hops: Set a dresser drawer on the floor. Stand beside it with your legs and arms bent—pretend you're holding ski poles. Now leap over the drawer, landing on both feet with your knees still bent. Repeat for 60 seconds. If the drawer is too wide, use your suitcase or a towel. —Lauren David Peden

So you have meetings in . . .SINGAPORE
best business hotels: Ritz-Carlton Millenia (7 Raffles Ave.; 800/241-3333 or 65/337-8888, fax 65/337-5190; doubles from $176); Conrad International Centennial (2 Temasek Blvd.; 65/338-8830, fax 65/432-7198; doubles from $138). expense-account restaurants: Au Jardin (Singapore Botanic Gardens, Cluny Rd.; 65/466-8812; dinner for two $160); Raffles Grill (Raffles Hotel, 1 Beach Rd.; 65/337-1886; dinner for two $155). if you have a free afternoon: Singapore Art Museum (71 Bras Basah Rd.; 65/375-2510); Asian Civilisations Museum (39 Armenian St.; 65/375-2510). if you forgot to pack a scarf or tie: The Paragon shopping mall (290 Orchard Rd.). web resource:

At, you can order a free wake-up call recorded by supermodel Laetitia Casta. Make that stupormodel: she sounds nuts, singing a snatch of "Alouette" and laughing wheezily. (Then again, it beats Fran Drescher . . .)

going my way
Name: Jeffrey Kalinsky
Title: Owner of Jeffrey, Jil Sander, and Bob Ellis Shoes, Atlanta, and the just-opened Jeffrey store, New York City,.
Home base: Once the New York store is on its feet, I'll be back in Atlanta.
Buying trips: I spend at least two months a year—six trips—shopping in Paris, Milan, Hamburg, Rome, and London. But I'm always working, even on vacation. I'll go up to a woman and ask about her shoes. They might be something I've never heard of.
Flying right: Take the Concorde home from Paris. You leave at 11 a.m. Paris time, and you get in at 8:45 a.m. New York time. It's so much easier on the body. But I never take it on the way over. I'd rather sleep so I can arrive fairly fresh.
Packing advice: Bring it all with you! I hate knowing that I left a lot of wonderful things at home. I like to have my stuff with me—clothes, CD's, books. And shoes: If I'm gone for a month, I pack at least a dozen pairs, if not 20. I'll carry as many as six suitcases.
Getting it all there: I've started shipping. Especially when I'm traveling in the U.S., I'll send all my stuff ahead by FedEx, so I don't have to carry or check much. Going overseas, I just have to deal with it.
Keeping it clean: If I don't like the valet service at a hotel, I'll complain or I'll quit staying there.
Paris tip: The cab drivers are so rude, just hire a car for the day.
Up next: A vacation. Anywhere. I'm so tired, I don't even want to shop . . . well, there'll probably be some shopping. —Shax Riegler