Couple Uses Trash to Fund Honeymoon

Petersfield, England – Newlyweds John and Ann Till financed a portion of their recent honeymoon with three months’ worth of recyclables. The two redeemed plastic and glass for points with British Airways, which after a self-funded transatlantic trip on the Queen Mary 2 and trip around the United States, they used to pay for two business-class tickets back home to the U.K. Now that’s green travel. Read full story.

Cab Hired from U.K. to Germany

Portsmouth, England – A man who missed his flight hired a cab to drive him from Portsmouth, England, to Munich, Germany. The man was scheduled to join his friends at a bachelor party at Oktoberfest and was willing to get there at any cost—$3,305, to be exact. Read full story.

Couple Now Slim Enough to Fly

Stubbington, England – Three years ago, husband and wife Alan and Jan Coupe were told to change seat locations to better distribute the weight on the aircraft. Alan, 280 lbs. at the time, was forced to move to the front of the plane in order to facilitate takeoff. Since the incident, the couple has lost 175 pounds between them. Talk about a crash diet. Read full story.

Nudie Lunches Deemed Indecent

Greenville, Maine – In an effort to regain its liquor license, the Black Frog Restaurant will now charge patrons for the Skinny Dip sandwich (thinly sliced prime rib on a baguette). On the menu for $10.95, the sandwich had traditionally been offered for free to customers who braved a naked plunge in Moosehead Lake before dining in the Greenville eatery. Appetizing. Read full story.

Fog Mistaken for Tsunami in New Zealand

Kairaki Beach, New Zealand – A beachgoer on New Zealand’s South Island mistook a wall of fog as an incoming tsunami, alerting bystanders and causing widespread panic. Police determined that the beachgoer was not a prankster, just a deeply mistaken homichlophobe. Read full story.

World’s Biggest Puzzle

Ravensburg, Germany – More than 15,000 puzzlers assembled a 1,141,800-piece puzzle in just five hours on Sunday, September 28th. The nearly 6,500-square-foot mammoth mosaic has been submitted to Guinness World Records but has yet to be approved. Read full story.

Delta Says “No” to Passenger Pornography

Atlanta, Georgia – Squeamish fliers, take relief! Delta has resolved to block inappropriate Web sites on its soon-to-launch in-flight Wi-Fi. The initiative comes after flight attendants and passengers expressed concern about the potential pervasiveness of Internet porn on passenger laptops. Guess Hefner and Flynt will have to take their private jets. Read full story.

Chinese Wins Tightrope Contest Across Seoul River

Seoul, South Korea – Chinese professional tightrope walker Yakefujiang Maimitili scurried across a three-quarter-mile-long wire positioned over the Han River in just under 11 minutes on Friday, October 3rd. Maimitili walked away (on the ground) with $20,000. Read full story.

Germans Create Kvetch Tunes

Cologne, Germany – A new musical niche debuts: complaint-choral! An irritable German choir sings lyrics that gripe about everything from bad weather to lousy restaurant service. The group of 140 amateur vocalists travels the city singing for passersby, and filled the Cologne Philharmonie for a onetime concert. Read full story.