Behold, in all its glory: my idea of heaven on a plate. Stone crab season officially opened a couple of weeks ago, and I took that as the perfect excuse to head down to the Florida Keys for a blissful weekend of sun and serious seafood binging. Three jumbo claws from the Islamorada Fish Company market, plus a cold Corona or two, made the perfect warm-weather lunch—just the thing to break up a day of snoozing in a hammock and frolicking in the surf.

Stone crab meat is not only amazingly succulent and sweet, it’s also a sustainable food product. (Only one claw is harvested at a time from each crab, which is returned to the ocean to regenerate its claw.)

If you love it as much as I do, but don’t live anywhere near Florida, you can have it shipped overnight—and yes, it’s a splurge. Aficionados order their claws from Keys Fisheries Market & Marina, which supplies the legendary Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami.

Irene Edwards is special projects editor of Travel + Leisure.