By Brooke Porter Katz
May 23, 2014

The new bespoke travel company Beck & Score—which counts NBA all-star Steve Nash as a partner—is making it possible to travel to this summer’s World Cup in class. Created with the well-heeled sports lover in mind, it offers VIP packages to Brazil that start at $8,000 per person, including tickets to games, stays at stylish properties such as Hotel Fasano, transportation, dinner reservations, and even face time with Nash and pro surfer Garrett McNamara.

The Culver City, California-based start-up also provides Samsung phones complete with international cell/data coverage, plus a mobile app that acts as an on-the-ground concierge service. Here, Nash—who has previously traveled to World Cup tournaments in Japan, Germany, and South Africa—talked to T+L about why he’s a fan of Beck & Score, what he loves about Rio, and more.

Why did you get involved in Beck & Score?
Travel is one of my biggest passions, and I have always been a huge sports fan. The opportunity to be part of a company that provides access to the best sporting events in the world along with a first class experience—that was hard for me to say no to.

What sets it apart from other similar companies?
Sporting events like the World Cup sell out years in advance, and the great thing about Beck & Score is the unprecedented access. Their people really tailor the experience to meet personal needs. It’s not just sending a check and signing up for A, B, and C; it’s a conversation. They also arrange special events between games. For example, I’m hosting a five-on-five soccer game, and there’s also a chance to get in the water with pro surfer Garret McNamara.

You’ve been to Rio twice before. Besides the games, what else should visitors see and do?
Rio is a cosmopolitan city, and there are amazing restaurants. Make sure to try an authentic churrascaria to get a taste of the local cuisine. There’s also incredible street art and museums. And the beach culture! Of course there’s Copacabana and Ipanema, but just south of Rio there are tucked-away beaches where you’ll find just a few people and surfers in the water. Then there’s the music, caipirinhas—it just has a whole festive nature.

Who do you want to win the World Cup?
I grew up in Canada, so I always want to see them win. But my parents are English, so I’ve always rooted for them, too. And I’d love to see Brazil win on their home turf, the unofficial home of soccer. It would be exciting to see them go all the way.

What are a few of your favorite destinations?
I don’t know if I can give you one. I love so many places equally for different reasons, from Cuba to Rome to South America to South Africa to Thailand. This summer I’ll be traveling to La Coruña, Granada, and Seville in Spain with the Canadian national team. Those are parts of Spain that I’ve never seen, and it’ll be great to go somewhere new.

Brooke Porter Katz is an Associate Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @brookeporter1.