Boldly going where no electronics have gone before

CINEMA TO GO Panasonic's DVD-L50 PalmTheater lets you watch digital video discs on a small but extremely high-resolution screen. It weighs just over two pounds and comes with a credit-card-size remote and a multi-voltage power adapter that allows you to plug in (and charge up) virtually anywhere in the world. $1,100; 800/211-7262;

PLAY THAT FUNKY E-MUSIC Not much larger than a ;

FORGET MEGAPIXEL This year's digital-camera buzzword is double-megapixel, and it means your pictures will look twice as good. Kodak's DC280 is one of the few two-megapixel cameras to come with a USB connection, making it faster and easier to get your photos onto your computer. $799; 800/235-6325;

GOOD LISTENER When you plug the Olympus DS-150 digital voice recorder into your PC, it converts speech into text (thanks to the IBM voice-recognition software). The DS-150 can record up to two hours and 40 minutes of your precious thoughts; now you can write your novel anywhere. $199; 800/347-4027;

LOOK WHO'S TALKING Qualcomm's PDQ-800 smart phone combines the Palm III organizer with digital cell phone technology—turning your address book into a speed-dialer. It also lets you surf the Web and send and receive E-mail almost anywhere in the United States. $500-$700; 800/349-4188;

CAN-DO CAMERA The 5.2-ounce Sharp Internet ViewCam stores video and still images on a memory card that can be inserted into your floppy drive. All the better to E-mail pictures (and short video clips) to the folks back home, so they'll know exactly what they're missing. $699; 800/237-4277;

NO MORE PAPER CUTS Not quite sure which book to take on your next trip?Pack 'em all with NuvoMedia's Rocket eBook. It carries 4,000 ;

SMILE! Casio is now shipping a camera attachment for its E-105 palm-size PC. The camera, which has a swiveling lens, hooks into a slot atop the Cassiopeia, and takes both still images and video. Snap on the wireless modem (sold separately) to E-mail your pictures. $599 for the Cassiopeia E-105, $250 for camera; 800/962-2746;